What rich people don't do

You’re article entitled 10 things rich ppl wont tell you about, should comr with a caveat.( it’s b/c they wouldn’t their waste time) Yes, saving money on car insurance may be one way, but playing games on-line? May be fun but it takes months to get a $25 gift card and you had better be willing to play hour after hour to win some levels or pay. I wound up, somehow, paying $15 to finally get a $25 Walmart gift card. If you truly are trying to help people, you should put these “pay” game websites in a way to make a few extra dollars in your spare time. You have done that buy these ways to earn pennies on the dollar, are showing up, more & more under headings that seem to promise secrets to wealth. I have subcribed to you for a long time, as I used to learn important things about money. Your website now pushes the same products over & over. Just under different headings. I hope that you will allow others to read this, so they know that you are pushing certain industries, under all sorts of headings. Almost every article I push, the first thing I see is to cancel my car insurance, over & over, no matter what you claim the article is about. I guess you have sold your name because you are not the penny saver that I remember and you have nothing but ads for the same products, just under different headings. Get back to more investiigating ways for people to really save money. My guess is there just isn’t much out there. I will kerp checking to see if content stops being repetitious. Otherwise, it’s just more time I’m wasting, reading the same 4 or5 products that you are pushing, in almost every article. A long time subscriber.


I hear you, @pamela.weinstein.pam. The PH has to make money to continue to exist, so ads are probably necessary. For money-saving content, I get lots of ideas, tips from others on the forums. You say you’ve been a long-time member, but have you taken a look at the top navigation menu, starting with “Home” on the left? I was a member for quite a while before I noticed that menu and found lots of good stuff in “Resources” and “Money 101.” Also, check out Other Money Discussions. You can also enter a specific topic in the search bar to get closer to the kind of content you seek. I hope that helps.