Earning Money

Dear,Penny Hoarder My name is Aaliyah and I was wondering how can I earn quick money fast less than two days.thnx u

Other than selling something of yours, I don’t know of any ways to get money that quickly.

That is a tough one for sure. The only way I know (but it really depends on your situation, where you live, etc) is to sign up for a food delivery service.

A lot of them have a daily pay option where they charge a small fee to get your earnings right away. This might take a little longer than 2 days initially as most of the time they have to send you bags and a purchasing card but after that is taken care of, you can go out and deliver food and get paid the same day.

Like I said though, I don’t know your personal situation so this may or may not work for you.

@kellyfromkeene’s comment definitely would work. You could list some things on Facebook marketplace or elsewhere online where people come to you to purchase and pick up the item and in that case (as long as it was an item people want to buy) you could technically get paid the same day.

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Make stencils of football teams and go around making addresses for people in there favorite team