Estate Sales and good evening! I'm fairly new


I want to say a little bit regarding my last career which was a blast, sometimes sad, mostly endearing, mostly made excellent money, educating, and much more. I was and Estate Sales Professional. I am telling you all this because I am getting started on conducting my own in three weeks. I have been reading all of The Penny Hoarder site on Side Hustles to sell, and from experience, thankfully, actually, anyone can do this! We have so many items to sell, so many people need things as well! In the Estate Sale business, the number one beginning key is taking care of the client and family first. My siutation is not that…so…The way to make the absolute MOST bang for your buck is presentation, presentation and presentation. Clean up your items. Place them properly! Set the Sale to make your customers feel welcome, WELCOME. PRICES on EVERYTHING. Detail as well. Staging you sale is of the utmost importance. Meaning, it will take you, providing you have helpers, on the average two to three days to properly stage your sale. Now, for me? I’m only going to have one person…rolleyes other than moi…I must give myself 5 days. I mean, we have a lot of things! I am also an Artist. I have to finish a few Christmas projects as well. Sorry for the long post…I’ve read some people selling things on bay, Facebook Marketplace, Let It Go, not sure of other sites…I’ve tried those, too…didn’t go too well. I am now going to take the route I know is fun. Granted, this is for now, on sale and it will be a big one, but hey? only God knows where this could lead? You never know who you’re going to meet at your sale! nod(I’m in West De Pere, Wisconsin, 5 minutes from Green Bay, twenty minutes from Lambeau Field!Lots of fun people here… ) - I love selling, been in Sales most of my life, Auto, Real Estate, Retail, Insurance, Rainbow Vaccums - (THE best!), My Art career, did Professional Calligraphy for Brides wedding invitations,…yada, yada, yada…I’ll stop. So, I will keep this topic going, is that okay? Thanks for reading this! I wish you all a great Sunday and GO PACK GO!!thumb

Until next time,

Juleigh Anne Hastings

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I agree about making items look their best. No matter what you are selling, make it look the best you can.

@juleigh.hastings, welcome to the Penny Hoarder Community. You’re right about the “presentation” issue. It’s usually the best thing to make things look their best. At times, we’ve “antiqued” some things to make it look as if it were from the time period they ere trying to represent. It helps. Good look in going on your own. There are SO many ways to make money through online sales and even personal sales it almost scary if someone misses them and loses out. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

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