I Was Inspired By This Morning’s Email Vis a Vis Cardboard People At Baseball Games-⚠️Not Entirely Family Friendly⚠️

I was a Cracker Jack vendor when they filmed Anger Management in Yankee Stadium. I was also a bleacher creature when they filmed For Love Of The Game.

I only bring this to your attention because of the cardboard people that have been in attendance in the stands in the age of Covid.

You see they used cardboard people during the filming of both movies. For Love of The Game, now I know for some that movie was rough sledding but you should have been there for the filming of. By about week three the cardboard people were looking a bit abused. People were drawing dicks going into their mouths, someone scrawled 666 on the forehead of an elderly cardboard person, they’d draw the pirate patch over one eye, the handle bar mustache, one particularly creative individual had the foresight to bring a brown marker and drew a blunt sticking out if some guy’s mouth.

I forgot if it was Anger Management or For Love Of The Game but we had to stay late one evening and someone in a fit of obnoxiousness as much as frustration punched one if the cardboard people’s heads off???

For me tbe funniest incident was during Love Of The Game a particularly clever fellow assembled a bunch of the cardboard people strategically and began to take a nap. I was actually silently rooting for him to pull it off but unfortunately a couple of production assistants noticed an unusual cluster of cardboard people and quickly put the kibosh on the whole operation. Regrettably the the rogue sleeper was escorted out of the stadium immediately.

Quick aside, during Love of the Game whenever Kevin Costner would come out ti the mound to film the next scene everyone would begin booing ? In fact it got so cacophonous that the director threatened to shut down production and send us all home without pay for the day.

And those are 2 of my memories from the House That Ruth Built.

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Luv the stories! My son collects old baseball cards. He would be ecstatic if u ever want to sell any old baseball cards?

stay safe everyone- Baseball will b back in person in the future ??