My Money Saving Gadget

Frustration with the price of a new Verizon Smart Phone to replace my old faltering phone led me back to TracFone, the provider of my old emergency flip phone.

TracFone was running a special on a Samsung Crow J7 with a larger screen then my previous phone for less then $100.00! This beats the $1000.00 and up I was quoted by Verizon. TracFone also beat the $150.00/monthly bill that would have gone to $200.00/month with a new phone purchase via Verizon. Credit on the new phone was also given from the old flip phone.

Now that the 'ol laptop has died, an unlimited service plan for both laptop and phone was no longer needed, just the phone is about $35.00 on my budget line in the sand.

Since I am a Full Time RVer my community has a fair wifi system allowing some, but not all the time, bandwidth stretching. And by going with just the phone and its larger screen I am not theathered to a power cord, thus saving on electric since I can recharge off my solar power bank.

Now here is the next challenge…!

What T.P.H. Side Gig could be done with this??? Humm…? Come walk this trail with me if you dare.

Time to get busy America for you have been RoadScribed.