While we on covid quarantine from the beginning making money playing games apps also online games could cash out money apps/money just like that for over thousands of times for people’s payouts have cashed out like that’s awesome but now now it hard to cash out or withdraw money I just can’t I believe I missed out I didn’t know about it like I was into to sweepstakes but the money making apps been cashing out like crazy over 10,000 people that what I have read last time so far now Im having hard time cashing out I got to make at least one time cashing out app for once a while that’s why a reason of me issuing me a PayPal card at least for that to be useful to me as for me and it help me through it to use the card for myself like really I don’t have a bank account or checking account only paypal so let’s get some money. Is it possible I could cashout like next week because I have this app over a month is a $100 payout so I could probably make it to hundred by next week only if is possible for me but shouldn’t be that hard but hey eastside to the westside homie haha just kidding folks I’m not a professional tho I’m just saying all this from a lil experience and something I should say here on penny hoarder is an honor because it gives me money and a opportunity for me to save money and help me through other ways and things alota things I gotta put my mind through to save and making money get me a job also I’m looking and we just got a house. So you think I can make it through to survive till next year at least? Were not rich but hard working people around me my family, friends and neighbors where I use to stay were here at our new house very beautiful neighborhood and people seems so happy enjoying this area like everyday is a good day like my old neighbors differences is, here Is quiet and peaceful very nice anyways I hope I get hired to work some job around here or anywhere gotta get some money in the bank just like before. Thank you that’s all I could share today. Hope y’all have a wonderful day

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