Have you ever paid someone to help write your or revamp your resume? I need a new resume done as I am trying to re-enter the workforce after years of not working. Any suggestions?

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@mexpensive when I wrote my resume, I had very little experience as I was just entering the work-force. I used an online resume creator online and was able to make a pretty nice looking resume by including things like the online business experience I had.

I didn’t think it mattered much but by putting things like my experience on social media in there, I was able to eventually land a job as a digital marketing specialist which I have had for just over 3 years now.

Resume writing services don’t cost too much from what I have seen. It may be well worth the investment if you get someone who is good at writing them.

Most of the time, these people have experience in the recent market to be able to help you “market” yourself better.

It may end up being the difference between landing a good job and a GREAT job!

My only word of advice would be, don’t get a resume written by someone who has never held a job! laugh

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@mexpensive. before you shell out any money, I would recommend reading through The Penny Hoarder’s step-by-step guide to making a good resume here:…rite-a-resume-guide/

TPH also has a job hunting ecourse to help guide you through the process of applying and searching for jobs. You can check that out here:…emy/job-hunting-101/

If you’re still feeling a bit lost after giving those a look, I suggest connecting with your local library. They usually offer free career services. And depending on your location, your local Goodwill (yes, the second-hand store) may have free career services as well.

One of the biggest tips I can suggest is to have someone else look over your resume before you send it out, whether that’s someone from Goodwill, a library or a friend. An extra set of eyes will really come in handy.


@adam Great info! I don’t know why I didn’t think of checking TPH Blog! I also didn’t know that about libraries.

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Thank you. I will read the articles. You are right a second set of eyes is a good idea.


I have never paid anyone to do this for me, but it could be worth it. If they can create a modern resume that will gain the eyes of an interviewer, this can make a difference.

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I’m a health care recruiter with over 40 yrs of HR experience. Here’s what’s important, keep your resume to 1 page, be concise with the info provided. Don’t waste resources having someone create your resume. There’s lots of examples of resume formats on the internet…good luck!!

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I use a simple resume program and it works well for me, my friends, and my clients. Its called WinWay Resume, and I believe that the basic download is free. Its very very easy to use, and its also super simple to make changes. I recommend it to everyone.

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What if you have no idea how to put one together? I do, having been in the workforce for decades.

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@kelleyg, I would recommend going to the local Workforce Development office (Unemployment office, or whatever it is called in your region). They have programs to help people get set up for employment, and one of the free services they offer is assisting with resume development. Those offices have a LOT of resources and are underutilized.