Saving on Hair Salon services

Hi, I moved to Southern IN, 7 yrs ago and was interested in saving money on my hair services. I looked online for cosmetology schools in my area and found 1 that was 10 minutes away! This is a school where students learn about all types of the hair care process, manicures, pedicures, brow waxing, facials, and many more services. They are under staff supervision at all times, are friendly, outgoing and eager to learn. They offer these services to the public at a discounted rate and so I made my first appointment with them 6 years ago for a haircut and a manicure. I was so impressed by the outcome of both services, and the professionalism of the students and staff. My haircut was $8.00 (now$10.00) and my manicure was $14.00 (now $21.00)! So this is just a suggestion if you want to try to save some money on salon services. I have been going there for 6 years now regularly and I’m glad I found them!

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We have something similar here in Fargo where I live. It has been recommended to my wife on a couple of occasions.

Salon services for women can be quite expensive. I took her to get her haircut in Mexico when we were visiting and it was only a fraction of what it cost here.

She trims her hair herself but next time she wants something done I will recommend she try them out.


That is an awesome tip, @saversue! It reminds me of some similar ways to cut costs. We had a dental assistant training school in our area that discounted services. I also had a friend going through massage therapy school and she needed volunteers to practice on while in school and I had a few free massages(yep, the message student is a more pleasant thought than a dental assistant student!) Also, the University of Florida at one time offered discounted dental services if a parent had a student enrolled in any degree program at UofF. Colleges and universities can be a great source of discounted services.


Great reminder, thanks! We have a cosmetology school here, and I just have not utilized them. I have used the massage students FREE practice sessions, and let me tell you , it was fantastic.

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